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Whether you are planning to rent or are currently a renter in MA or RI, you likely have had multiple interactions with potential landlords. And because you are paying them to provide you a service – essentially a well-kept home to live in – you deserve a professional, experienced and reliable landlord. To attract great renters like you and keep long-term qualified tenants happy, a landlord should focus on treating you like an important customer, always follow the law and be willing to go the extra mile. If you find this type of landlord, then it’s most likely you have also found the perfect house, apartment or condo to rent.

There is one part of the renting process that even the most amazing landlord will not be able to help you with, and that is finding you proper insurance coverage to protect all the personal belongings you keep in your home. In fact, your things are going to be excluded from your landlord’s own insurance policy in case of a loss due to fire, theft, severe weather, or any other similar calamity.

At BayCoast Insurance, we will help you find a comprehensive renters insurance policy that protects:

  • The contents of your home, including items such as laptops, TVs, sports equipment, appliances, and furniture
  • Items stolen from your car
  • Your luggage if stolen on a trip

Further, this critical coverage will be there to protect you against circumstances that are completely out of your control – smoke, lightning, vandalism – as well as for those times when you made an honest mistake, like forgetting to turn the bathtub faucet off.

And because renters’ insurance covers only the value of your belongings, not the physical building you live in, the premium is inexpensive, just a few bucks a week in fact. So that means you can stretch your budget a little farther for that perfect home with the wonderful landlord.

The characteristics of the best landlords are very similar to the credentials you should look for in your renter’s insurance advisor, and that’s why more and more renters in MA and RI are choosing BayCoast Insurance for their insurance needs. We have a longstanding reputation for professionalism when filing and handling a claim, excellence in personalized customer service, and going above and beyond to get the best value for our clients. In addition, we take the time to review the details of your renter’s policy with you, so that you clearly understand all of the coverages that you are investing in.

The friendly and experienced team at BayCoast Insurance warmly welcomes renters to the MA and RI area, and because we have been here for over 100 years, we can help you get adjusted to the area if you are a newcomer.

Contact us today to discuss all the things you want to know about renters’ insurance in MA and RI. We promise that you’ll not only get a competitive quote on a top-quality renters insurance policy, but also some new friends in the neighborhood.

Try just 15 minutes with us and you will learn about these three important coverages that a renters insurance policy from BayCoast Insurance will provide:

  • Personal Property – coverage for all of your personal things
  • Liability – coverage for legal fees in case you are sued for bodily injury or property damage caused by you, someone in your family, or your pet
  • Additional Living Expenses – coverage for hotel bills or temporary rent, restaurant meals and other expenses you could incur while your apartment is being repaired or rebuilt