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BayCoast Insurance has partnered with a leading provider of event cancellation, prize indemnity, weather insurance and special event liability to the events, sports, promotion marketing and entertainment industries. Online quoting and binding is quick and easy through the TotalEvent® system. When planning your next event, minimize your risk with a policy that can protect your investment:

  • Event Cancellation
  • Special Event Liability
  • Weather
  • Prize Indemnity

Event Cancellation:

Event cancellation insurance protects your revenue or expenses from an event against cancellation due to circumstances beyond your control. These circumstances can include, but are not limited to, hurricanes, earthquakes, severe/adverse weather, terrorism, labor strikes, non-appearance of key people, and unavailability of the venue due to fires, floods or power outages.

A typical buyer of Event Cancellation Insurance would include Tradeshows, Conferences, Expos, Consumer Shows, Annual Meetings and Conventions.

The online TotalEvent system is designed to provide instant quotes for the above events online, while all other events types such as Sporting Events, Concerts, and Festivals will need to be quoted offline.

Special Event Liability:

Special Event Liability through TotalEvent provides you with protection for third party bodily injury and property damage arising out of an event. Whether someone falls and gets hurt or does damage to someone else’s property, we can provide protection by assuming the risk of legal claims brought by a third party. We can cover many types of events from fairs and festivals, consumer shows, fundraisers, dances, meetings, luncheons, parties, weddings, and more.

Weather Insurance:

Whether you are organizing a sporting event, concert, festival, wedding, or commercial production, your financial success depends on an extended period of good weather. With the success of your venture riding on something so unpredictable, you don’t want to rely on luck alone. That’s where BayCoast Specialty Weather Insurance policy comes in to protect your revenues or expenses from adverse weather that could alter the expected results of your event.

Prize Indemnity:

Prize Indemnity Insurance enables you to offer a risk-free large prize for a fraction of the prize value. With Prize Insurance, you benefit from increased visibility, name recognition and increased sales while resting assured that you are protected from any unnecessary liability. Our carriers provide you with a real insurance policy with real financial guarantees, not merely a business contract.

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